Making Your Money Work For You

The Real Money Boss…is Coming To Town!

There are 2 Types of people in this world…those who work for their money & those whose money works for them!
Ok really, most people are a blend of the 2 types listed above. But my goal is to be more of the latter, so that I can have enough money to spend my time doing what I want to do and less time doing things that I don’t want to do….like work. The purpose of The Real Money Boss is to help all of us get more to a point of our money working for us!

Have my money work for me to that can accomplish the two long-term financial goals at this point:
1) Increase my net worth by $500K by 2022
2) Be completely financially independent and no longer need a “typical desk job” by 2030

The way I plan to achieve these two goals is based on the following:
Have my money work for me rather than me work for money
This means that I need to be The Real Money Boss of my money.
We are all The Real Money Boss of our own money, including you. So we need to learn out to manage our money to our advantage to get it to work for us.

The purpose of this blog is to show the path that I’m taking to reach these two goals, so putting this plan into place also means that I will share how I get my money to work for me, and I hope you all share your ideas and thoughts on how you get your money to work for you. This way we can all get our Money to work for ourselves creating a life that we can use our money to be financially free, help others, and enjoy a life without the stress of money worries!

My drive to obtain financial freedom started when I was 12 and I started my own Baby Sitting Service. It was then at $5/hr for 6 hours a week (20 hours during the summer) that I realized how nice it is to have my own money, and set my hours and schedule. I have always been responsible, and having this Baby Sitting Service showed me that I could take my responsibility and hard work ethic & turn it into something tangible…money.

I have been investing at young age, as my Dad encouraged me as he has always been all about investing, and I can still vividly remember looking at the newspaper like Value Line stock charts with my Dad.

Fast-forward 10 years of hard work in school & part-time positions and….I graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Management/Business concentrating in both Finance & Marketing. I then went on to get a finance position with a Top Fortune 500 company. I married my SO. I also earned a MBA from the University of Georgia.

Currently, I live in the Atlanta suburbs, and I am still with the same Top Fortune 500 company (I have had a couple of different positions with the same company) in a position that I really do enjoy (most days lol!!!); however, I would love the ability for my SO & I to know that we do not have to work and be independently wealthly and use our time to enjoy life!!!!

I’m so looking forward to going on this journey to see if I am able to meet my two goals mentioned above and for us all to help each other obtain financial freedom by being The Real Money Boss!

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