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ARCHIVE: July, 2018

Georgia Aquarium Cost

A couple of weeks ago (July 2018) we took  a trip to the Georgia Aquarium in the heart of Atlanta. It was surprising at how much the entire day (or really just 3.5 hours) cost. Here is the break down of what we spent for 4 adults, 1 toddler, and 1 baby at the Georgia Aquarium.

We went before 11am so we paid $30.95/ adult ticket. The toddler & baby were free, as 2 & under are free, making the total for the tickets with tax $135.

$13/vehicle and we brought 2 vehicles for a total of $26.

We got the following food items for 4 adults & 1 toddler. We probably could have gotten less food, but you didn’t know what was going to be in the next line & didn’t want to have wait again, so we just grabbed as went through. Below is what we purchased:

2 chicken fingers with fries
1 hamburger
4 salad plates with some hot bar options
1 side of fries
3 cupcakes
5 drinks
Total spent on food: $112

We did not do any of the add-on reserve seating, tours, or behind the scenes experiences. These can range from $5/person to $470/person. Also, we did not buy anything in the gift shop. The total that we spent for our entire trip was $273.

The food was what I feel like wasn’t worth the price paid. The seating for eating was limited, and there weren’t very many healthy choices. The kids meal was a pre-made PBJ sandwich with a pre-packaged fruit cup. Overall it was an expensive day, but also a fun one for the toddler & baby that love fish!

RAV4 2018 Cost

In the past 6 months, my entire family bought 3 (yes, THREE!!!) 2018 RAV4s. Two were the RAV4 Adventure model, which are new this year, and one was an XLE. Here is the breakdown of the cost for each of them:

How much does it cost to go to Walt Disney World in 2018?

My family (party of 3 — 2 adults & 1 toddler) went to Disney for 5 days/6 nights from May 6, 2018 – May 12, 2018. This post breaks down the cost and shows the total amount spent on this super fun & memorable trip.

—Hotel: My husband had some hotel points that we were able use. Had we not used hotel points the room that we got would have been approximately $150/night. This was a nice hotel room (Homewood Suites) that was a one bedroom suite. It had a small kitchen with a dishwasher, two stove top burners, kitchen sink, & small table. It had a living room area with a TV & pull out sofa. Then in the bedroom was one kingsize bed and the bathroom.
TOTAL HOTEL COST (if not paying with points): $900

—Transportation to Orlando: Since we live in Atlanta, we were able to drive to Orlando in a day. We did fill up the gas tank before we left and once during the trip each way (using the extra for gas while in Orlando). Gas was approximately $25/tank with 4 tanks, costing in $100 for gas.
Wear & tear on the car does cost something. Using the government reimbursement of 54.5 cents/mi at 450mi each way, the wear & tear by using the car cost approximately $500 for use of the car to get there.

—Disney Tickets & Memory Maker (for photos): 5-Day Ticket with Admission to 1 Park Per Day (Ages  10+) is $395 and for 2 adults is $790. Since our little guy is under 3, he did not need a ticket. The tickets do vary in cost depending on length of stay, if you get a park hopper. Head over to the tickets website (link here: for current prices.
With the tickets we purchased a memory maker in advance for the pictures, which cost $169. Then taxes for everything came out to around $50.

—Food: Most mornings we ate breakfast either at the hotel (included with our room), or we ate some of the groceries that we purchased at the beginning of the week. We spent an approximate $100 for these groceries.
We ate all of our lunches at Disney and here are the places & amount spent each day.
Meals at Disney:
May 7 – $50 at Mexican Pavilion (Lunch) – Epcot
May 8 – $40 Columbia Harbour House (Lunch) – Magic Kingdom
May 9 – $80 Garden Grill (Breakfast) – Epcot & $12 Mexican Pavilion (Lunch – Kid’s meal only) – Epcot
May 10 – $118 Tusker’s (Lunch) – Animal Kingdom
May 11 – $36 – Pinocchio Village (Lunch) – Magic Kingdom
Total for meals eaten at Disney of $336. This results in an average of $67/meal at Disney.
      Every day at Disney we also got a small snack to share and an extra bottle of water, which was about $20/snack, making that $100 total for snacks.
For dinner while in Orlando we ate at non-tipping restaurants outside of the park at places like Tom & Cheese, and Noodle & Co, which ended up being a maximum of $30/ dinner. This comes to a total of $150 for dinners.
Also, while traveling in the car we spent $20/meal on the road each way for both lunch & dinner, which totals $80.

While at Walt Disney World, we spent about $20/ day on Souvenirs for 5 days.

$22/ day for 5 days of parking of a standard size vehicle.

Final Cost Total:




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